Strategic approach

A “Fürst build” is systematic; following a strategic approach in the belief that if we can more closely join our design to the final product, each section consisting of component parts; we will be able to control the consistency of our production at every stage.

Swiss made

We believe if our designs are carefully fitted to specific calibrations then construction on site will be simplified and therefor more efficient.

Expediting building on site relieves uncertainties for our clients and means we can make adjustments as they are required. This is Swiss quality and control.


At Fürst we trust in our flexibility of scale. Although we are not a large company, we can produce disproportionately to our size. Few companies have the same one to one relation with their clients and at the same time are capable of orchestrating large commissions with our partners in related industries.

Fürst is privileged to partner with some of the world's leading businesses and institutions.