Fürst - Ahead of the curve


Fürst is a family company and has been for six decades. In our many years of doing business we’ve never changed our name. One name —our name. Fürst.

Swiss tradition

In the best Swiss tradition we are perfectionists when it comes to quality control. We prefer keeping a tight crew of trusted craftsmen and using limited partnerships for consulting larger commissions.

Team Spirit

The Fürst business is a family business which has maintained a traditional team system. The ‘team’ is the core of the company. Many of our clients depend upon the personal relationships they have with our crew.

This Kind of continuity builds trust.

Ahead of the curve

Founded in 1953 by Peter Fürst who joined his devotion to sculpture and painting with diverse services in the new market, variously called messe-bau, interior design, and product presentation. Fürst’s multiple creative skills suited him perfectly for responding to the demands of the changing requirements in a quickly expanding field.

Peter Fürst was ahead of the curve in the establishment of a company that offered these particular services; indeed Fürst was the first company of this kind in Switzerland.

Fürst is privileged to partner with some of the world's leading businesses and institutions.